About the Splash Awards

European Splash Awards winners on stage
The Splash Awards celebrates the best Drupal projects around the world and is organized all over the world. On October 28 2019 the International Splash Awards will take place during DrupalCon Amsterdam.

The Splash Awards celebrates the best Drupal projects around the world. The Splash Awards are being organized in countries all over the world. In 2018, the Splash Awards went international, first in Europe, then the US, allowing the best Drupal projects from all over the world to compete. The next International Splash Awards will take place during DrupalCon Amsterdam, on Monday October 28 2019. You can organize your own Splash Awards!


The Splash Awards, as with most in Drupal, is run almost entirely by volunteers. Except in those areas where outsourcing to individuals or organisations was necessary (e.g. designing the brand or hiring venues), everything was done based on passion and voluntary efforts.

The Splash Awards brand & the International Splash Awards 2019

This document contains the guidelines for organizing a regional or international Splash Awards and the use of the Splash Awards brand. A renewed brand for the Splash Awards was established in 2019, while preparing for the International Splash Awards at DrupalCon Amsterdam. This was done by a team of volunteers from the international Drupal community:

Valuable contributions and support

The following individuals and organisations supported in various ways while establishing the renewed Splash Awards brand and/or in organizing the International Splash Awards 2019 in Amsterdam.

  • Site construction and website hosting: Dropsolid
  • Brand design: Jantine Zandbergen (Haelsum)
  • Program outlines: Olivier Ritlewski
  • Review and support: Rachel Lawson, Gábor Hojtsy, Carole Bernard, Karlyanna Kopra, Jari Nousiainen, Angie Marsh, Piyush Poddar, Bethany Lister and Tim Lehnen 
  • Marketing and support: the Drupal Association, Kuoni

Financial support

The Dutch Drupal Association has been fronting all financial commitments to external parties and is financially and legally committed to the International Splash Awards 2019 event and the development of the renewed brand.

These local communities financially contributed in establishing the renewed Splash Awards brand:

  • Dutch Drupal Association (Netherlands)
  • Drupal Business Deutschland e.V (Germany)
  • Drupal User Group Belgium VZW (Belgium)
  • Drupal e. V. - German Drupal Association (Germany)
  • Finnish Drupal Association (Finland)

A big thanks to all the great volunteers, communities and teams who helped to make the Splash Awards even greater!

Did you contribute but your name isn't listed? Let us know! Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through #splashawards channel on Drupal slack or at hello@splashawards.org. Start organizing your own Splash Awards!


The International Splash Awards is organized by a team of passionate volunteers who, at the same time, from their roles at their respective companies, are very much involved with some of the Drupal cases that are submitted to the Splash Awards contest.  Under such circumstances the potential for conflicts of interest may arise. We take such potential very seriously and have done everything in our power to minimise occurrences of conflicts while ensuring that the best work is recognised.

The Splash Awards 2019 team and everyone involved in the organisation do not select the winners, nor influence the judges in any way. We select a diverse jury who we feel is objective, respected and knowledgeable in the digital field. The Nominees and Winners are entirely in the hands of the jury who select and vote on them through an independent, mostly online process.

Judges may not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest; such situations are closely monitored, depending on both the personal integrity of the judges and various sources of knowledge to police such activity.