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Please support the Splash Awards

The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal work and put the clients behind our beloved Drupal projects center-stage.

Our Sponsor Packages are designed to help your business with

  • Networking
  • Brand awareness
  • Giving back and supporting the community

Who attends the Splash Awards?

The approximately 100-150 attendees consist of:

  • Owners, high and mid level management of agencies (35%)
  • Employees of agencies, such as developers, account and project managers (50%)
  • Clients/Drupal users from the nominated projects (15%)


Standard perks for each sponsor. All packages include:

  • Exposure on our own channels including our website (and if allowed on our community page and DrupalCon Amsterdam event page)
  • Exposure in the award presentation
  • Exposure on our social channels
  • Exposure in the after movie
  • Exposure on our on stage roll up banner


OPTION 1: “Category sponsor" (€2,500 each, 11 available):

Each of the eleven categories will have its own sponsor, and besides the standard perks, will also get:

  • Extra exposure during your sponsored category. We can play a video, read some text you prepared, etc. Let's discuss how we can promote you best!


OPTION 2 "Splash Awards sponsor" (€500 each, unlimited): 

Just the standard perks.