International Splash Awards Amsterdam 2019

The next International Splash Awards will take place during DrupalCon Amsterdam on Monday October 29th, 2019. The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal projects around the world spotlighting the brands and agencies behind these projects. A small team of volunteers involved in the rebranding of the Splash Awards, are also preparing the next instalment of the Awards show, that has gained momentum over the past years. With over 10 countries organizing regional Splash Awards annually and previous international Splash Awards taking place in Europe and the US, agencies and brands from all over the world will be competing over what has already become a much anticipated award in our industry. DrupalCon is the biggest Drupal conference in the world, having over 2000 Drupal professionals and users attending. The team works in conjunction with the Drupal Association and Kuoni, the organizations behind DrupalCon. 

Are you an agency involved in Drupal services? Or is your brand using Drupal for delivering digital experience management to users and clients? Be sure to enter your project in the International Splash Awards!