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we have built a home for the emotions of hsv fans.

Case description

One of the moste visited fanpages of one of the oldest soccerclubs in germany.
HSV-Fans use to commend nearly every post and some of them where not friendly. There was a lot of spam and no possibilty to navigate between posts and comments in the first version. Factorial helped to build a better UX and outstanding moderation-/and editor management system.

Case goals and results

The aim was to simplify the moderation and increase the quality of the comments. Gamification elements enabled us to optimize the quality of the comments many times over. We were also able to extend the comment function so that users can moderate their own comments and get more rights in the moderation, the better their comments were and the more serious they were moderated.
- Give every blog post a special comment worth reading (happens automatically) -> Achievement for users
- Create a nice overview page for each user profile where all archives and comments as well as answers are visible
- Make all comments easier to navigate by sorting and grouping them into top and normal comments
- Logged in users should be able to quickly see where new comments have been posted since their last visit.


- Develop a comment function á la facebook comments
- There are many different user groups, each with a different name. Rights (comment, reply, upvote, save comments, etc)
- Develop a system that automatically searches every blog entry and comment for comments that have received an especially high number of "upvotes" and upgrades them to top comments.
- Keep loading times low (all comments load asynchronously)
- Comment functionality also on mobile to ensure
- For each logged in user to specify which comments have already been seen by him/her and highlight new comments until they have been seen

Community contributions

we will send the Case to drupal.org as soon as possible.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

as we know and especially the dutch know, football is very emotional. so every contribution of this website is a bit emotional and we have found a way how to work out the most beautiful feelings and how to make them even more beautiful.