Design / UX


The SCNF project is the o?cial site of the SNCF group, it contains all the information regarding the group such as financial publications, activities, purchasing policy, and the latest news of SNCF ... It's possible to fill complaints or contact the group. You can find informations about your travel and destination.

Case description

The project is a Drupal 8 project. It contains a Front-o?ce and Back-o?ce.
The FO Strengths points are:
- The site is multi-language: French, English and German,
- The site is a responsive website
- the site is an accessible site.
The BO is very userfriendly and allows autonomy in the contribution of the site. which represents
more than 90% of FO contents.

Case goals and results

- The main goal of this project was to redo the site with drupal 8: the development team
reviewed the architecture, and currently we managed to have a completely renovated site;
- Another important point was to make the site accessible: From the beginning we integrated
accessibility, we had the "WCAG 2.0" certification and we always worked in collaboration with
access42 for compliance with accessibility rules;
- The site is responsive: Several tests are carried out on several devices before the delivery.
Which goals were set for the project, how does this solution try to meet those goals and what are
the end results?


- Migration from D6 to D8
- Integration accessibility and labeling level money (WCAG level 2.0)
- Redesigning the data structure and rationalization of the use of paragraph and media
- Passage of memcache to Redis

Community contributions

- Added the Sentunel in Redis module,
- Drupal Cache Overview at DrupalDays Event Last Year

Why should this case win the splash awards?

The sncf site is an institutional site, with the possibility to evolve its content at any time, it is open
to a wide audience thanks to its accessibility to all public and its adaptation on several platform and
For this raison, we think, he is fit to be the winner in this competition