Wine and tourism portal



The wine and tourism portal is an innovative multi-domain platform (main website + topic/campaign sites) with several interfaces and a shop solution - based on Drupal 8.

Case description

Our customer planned a collective strategy with joint promotional offers and activities together with Pfalz Marketing and Pfalz Touristik. For this purpose, we created an overarching technical infrastructure for a new portal with any number of sites.

Case goals and results

The platform was conzeptualized to meet the requirements of various stakeholders – winegrowers and associations, restaurant and hotel owners and other companies, hikers and travelers etc. – and in this way building up the brand Pfalz. So, we designed the thematical and contentwise structure by using personas and user stories. is a wine and tourism platform consisting of a main website and several topic/campaign sites. It is based on a flexible multi-domain concept with Drupal 8 as content management system and framework and offers a variety of assets to the editors creating and editing sites and landing pages.


When we created the multisite, which is also optimized for smartphones and tablets, we made sure that all content items are easy to find. Diverse content elements of the destination database Deskline (feratel), e. g. informations about accomodations, dates of events, locations, tourist attractions etc., were integrated via interfaces. Data from maps and hiking routes are generated automated on the basis of Outdooractive. Realizing the integrated, but stand-alone shop, we used open source software Shopware.

Community contributions

Apart from several minor contributions we also contributed to the modul Domain Access ( and to the Drupal core within the context of developing the platform.

Why should this case win the splash awards? is an innovative and efficient multi-domain/multi-site platform that perfectly meets the requirements of its stakeholders. We believe that the future-proof solution offers a wide range of opportunities to our customer.